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An important component of the elementary school program is to provide a safe, caring nurturing environment for our students. This can be accomplished through a spirit of cooperation and respect for each other. Schools face the same concerns that we see throughout our community. Students bring to schools the values they experience in the family and community. We are not immune from society's problems of society and must deal with these concerns daily.

In all areas of society, we have laws and expectations to follow. Schools are no different if we expect order and a safe environment.

This handbook explains to parents and students our expectations. We recognize that expectations do not always meet the needs of each individual. The expectations establish standards for all students to follow. Students know what the expectations are for them and all students are treated with fairness.

We can only offer quality education when we have the discipline, which allows learning to take place. We encourage parents and students to read the handbook and become familiar with the contents. We appreciate your support and cooperation in making this a safe learning environment for all students.

Elementary Handbook

First page of the PDF file: DistrictElementaryGuide23-243
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